Freitag, 23. Februar 2018 // 23:30

Inga Mauer

Inga Mauer [shtum, hivern discs]
Solaris [institut für zukunft, ph17]
Jenne [soma soma, ulysses]
Tommi [midas touch, ulysses]
Cloak [void, rebis]
Chris Video [bossa nova civic club | new york]
Philip B. [hansa]
DJ David [hansa]
Hengstenberg [hansa]


Inga Mauer is the new kid on your block. Coming from St. Petersburg, Russia where she is a resident DJ in the famous club (Stackenschneider) she is now gaining attention in Europe. The music she serves up comes from a place of love and knowledge in equal measures – no cheap thrills, just pure musical joy. Growing up in a remote village in the heart of Russia, Inga listened intensely to early Bunker Records, Cybernetic Broadcasting System (now, Trax, and UR recordings which have set the scene for her seductive sound: a mix of blistering atmospheres and dark emotions, flirting with a wide range of genres like Industrial Techno, EBM, and New Wave. This young talent is gaining a fast-growing reputation from Den Haag to Berlin, from Cologne to Tel Aviv, and completing a circle of influence as a desired guest on Not only a great DJ, Inga is also a truly restless producer, constantly recording lunatic jams and wild rhythms in a world of no musical compromises. Expect great things to come this year when she starts releasing. Currently under the wing of the Bunker Records team.


Coming from a punk/crust background and drawing from a lot of different influences, Solaris became a very eclectic DJ based on break beat techno, UK, wave and oldschool classics. She made her first steps in Techno with parties in Dresden. After she moved to Leipzig a few years ago she became the main booker of Institut fuer Zukunft in 2014. You can witness her for example at her own sunday nights at IfZ called Sunday Service every two months. In 2017 with Stanley Schmidt they founded their own record label with the name PH17 which focusses on experimental club music and also started performing together as Monsanto High.


Vorab im Tanzhaus nebenan: Live in Concert: Anika. Alle dort zahlenden Gäste erhalten ein Bändchen mit dem der Eintritt zur Ulysses nur noch 5,- an der Abendkasse beträgt.

Dora Brilliant | Techno, House | 23:30